I wish I could start every week the way I started last week…cuddled up by a fire, eating cakes and being waited on. It was finally time to experience the infamous ‘Tale As Old As Time’ afternoon tea at the Kensington Hotel and it didn’t disappoint! With the theme quite evidently being Beauty and the Beast, this originally launched to celebrate the release of the new film last year. Having been so popular, they have been extending the time it’s available however, at present it is only available til the end of June. I have my fingers crossed they extend… View Post

Before we go full speed ahead into 2018, I wanted to look back at what content caught your attention in 2017. It’s always a good idea to looks back and review what did well. I use it to plan further content and optimise future posts for you all. It looks like I wasn’t the only one surprised by Pembrokeshire last year, my post about South West Wales got your attention and skyrocketed to the most read blog post of the year! It seems a lot of my other travel posts also got you clicking last year with my San Fran… View Post

Earlier this month I escaped to the Cotswolds again for some family time and relaxation. No matter how many times I visit I am always blown away by its beauty. The open countryside, the idyllic cottages and the abundance of absolutely gorgeous vintage shops. It’s no wonder people take the time to venture an hour or more out of the capital to visit the quaint, picturesque villages of the Cotswolds. Although it’s only a little part of the UK, it can feel like quite a big place to explore in just a couple of days or less. So below is… View Post

After 10 whole years I returned to the magical city of Paris. I have such fond memories of Paris having visited quite a lot when I was younger but it never seemed to appeal to me in recent years. I have no idea why as I had an absolutely fab time. And it was the first time I had taken the Eurostar which I was really impressed with. So much quicker and easier than flying. So what makes it so special..? What’s there to do, see or visit in 3 days in this beautiful city..? Read on to see my… View Post

Nestled away in the back streets of Richmond lies beautiful Petersham Nurseries, a garden shop, teahouse and more surprisingly, a Michelin star restaurant. If you love being surrounded by nature then this will be your botanical heaven. It’s taken nearly 5 years of me living around the corner from this beautiful spot to finally visit and I am so glad I did. What better way to brighten up a grey, rainy Saturday afternoon than eating amongst the foliage in Petersham Nurseries Glasshouse restaurant? Decked out with rustic antique furniture and fragrant flora, you are transported to a calm oasis as… View Post