As I stand on a crammed train with some screaming kids with grubby hands, I struggle to maintain my calm, composed self. One of those moments I try and remember what the Danish would do. Hygge is something of a buzzword at present but do you find yourself wondering what it really means..? Well…hygge comes from the Danish way of living and generally translated to mean cosy, nice atmosphere to promote a happy and content lifestyle. So at this precise moment in time, I find myself questioning why I am spending my time commuting to and from London on packed… View Post

Dust, clutter, boxes and continual rubbish that keeps magically accumulating…why do we do it? Right now I couldn’t tell you exactly, I am currently sat in a local coffee shop because I have no running water or flat quite frankly. When we bought our house nearly two years ago, we did so because it was a fixer-upper with the intention to improve it at some point. Mine and Tom’s views on how to do this were a little different unsurprisingly – we have the opposite views on most things. I wanted to do it gradually, working from room to room, whereas… View Post

Earlier this year I took my mum to Champneys Health Spa in Tring for a little TLC and to celebrate a special birthday. I had heard so much about Champneys and they had a lot to live up to based on all the hype. Don’t worry, they didn’t disappoint. From the very second you enter the grounds you get a sense of what your visit is going to be like. Past the gates lies pristine gardens and gives a sense of wellbeing right from the start. As you carry on down the long Downton-esque driveway you approach the beautiful building… View Post

After LA, Vegas, Death Valley and Yosemite, it was time to drive onward to San Francisco. I had heard so much about San Fran I couldn’t wait to arrive, especially after a few days in the wild I was looking forward to being in a city again. We only had 3 days and we wanted to make the most of it. So in such a big city and so much to see/do, what should be on your to-do-list..? If, like us, you are planning on visiting but only have a limited amount of time, here are my top recommendations… Where… View Post

When I decided to finally start my blog it was crazy at work, at first I didn’t think I would have time to do both but here are the key things that pulled me through… Keep motivation levels up When I started my blog I had a mixture of emotions, mainly excitement but I was also a little bit nervous and at some points frustrated. When starting something new it is always important to do plenty of research, take your time and be patient. Hard work will pay off! Reading other blogs and inspiration posts really helped me maintain motivation… View Post