With everything that has gone on over the last couple of days and the results of the EU referendum, it got me thinking about all of the European cities I love. There is nothing better than exploring new places, seeing new cultures and trying local food. So here are my top European cities I’ve been lucky enough to visit… Venice I have a bit of a love affair with Italy, mainly because of the beautiful landscape and amazing food. But, Venice is just one of those magical places. Every alleyway or bridge presents a perfect picture moment. You can read… View Post

Have a cup of tea. This week’s been a little crazy and some BIG things have happened. Never underestimate what 5 minutes with a cup of tea can do for you. Speaking as someone who probably takes too many tea breaks, I am a huge advocate of taking 5 and clearing your head. I’m not saying that this will solve all issues but, it certainly helps me see things a little clearer. If you’ve been hiding under a rock or too busy to look at your social media for the last couple of days, you may not know that the… View Post

Naturally when I book a city break I research so I can put a little tick list together of all the sights we must see. I didn’t know the weather in Amsterdam could be so temperamental until I was speaking to a friend who had recently been, we soon discovered the weather was just about as reliable as in the UK! So over our 5 day trip I had a varied list of things to do… Vondelpark I had heard this was Amsterdam’s equivalent to Central Park so it was definitely on my list. We made the most of one… View Post

If you’ve seen my Amsterdam photo diary then you’ll know I’ve recently got back from a trip to Amsterdam with Tom. It may come as no surprise to you that the first thing I researched were places to eat. Of course I had heard about certain Dutch street foods such as Bitterballen, stroopwafel and patatje oorlog (which are basically french fries) but, I wanted to have a varied list of restaurants ready for all situations. I am really glad I did the research before going as we found it extremely hard to stumble across nice restaurants or bars. Most of… View Post

So what’s there to say about the new Italian on the block..? I should probably start off by saying Italian food is my favourite. I mean, I LOVE pasta! I would eat Italian food everyday if it didn’t have an effect on my waist line. So when Tom offered to take me after I mentioned it a few times, I didn’t hesitate to accept the offer. When I first read about Padella I knew I had to try it. I could tell from the limited and fairly simple menu it would be good. Places with smaller menus tend to do… View Post