Vegas…adult playground, mirage in the desert…what do you think of when someone mentions Las Vegas..? I probably have a slightly different memory of it than most people and here is what made it so special… 1.Checked in valet style. The last thing you want to do after a 5 hour drive is faff about with parking so valet is your best friend. Grab your bags and head for the reception desk to check in. The car is someone else’s problem from there on out. 2. Stayed in the Bellagio. Being our first trip to Vegas we wanted to do it… View Post

Although Bubbledogs may not be new, I have only just got around to visiting. That’s usually the way when something is on your doorstep, I couldn’t tell you how many times I’d walked past and wanted to go in. But I finally got round to going a few weekends ago and it was so worth the wait! Who would have thought champagne and hotdogs would go so well..? They just do! They have a great selection of different hotdogs with all sorts of toppings on them – caramelized onions, beef chilli and (my personal favourite) mac ‘n’ cheese. Whatever you… View Post

Before I started researching for our California road trip I didn’t know much about Yosemite but the more I researched I realised we had to stop off here. After LA, Vegas and some time in the desert our next stop was Yosemite National Park. I was quite looking forward to seeing some green again after being in the desert!! As part of our travels around California we were driving from Furnace Creek to Yosemite in one stretch which was around a 5 hour drive. A beautiful 5 hour drive. After miles and miles of empty, straight desert road the landscape… View Post

As part of a recent two week road trip in California, our first stop was LA. We were only there for 1 whole day as we landed in the evening and had a busy schedule for the next 15 days. We had a little help planning what to do on our whistle stop tour in LA as we have a few friends who have either lived there or visited recently. Ideally you would need a good week or so in such a big city with so much to see but, if like us, you only have a limited amount of… View Post