Earlier this month I escaped to the Cotswolds again for some family time and relaxation. No matter how many times I visit I am always blown away by its beauty. The open countryside, the idyllic cottages and the abundance of absolutely gorgeous vintage shops. It’s no wonder people take the time to venture an hour or more out of the capital to visit the quaint, picturesque villages of the Cotswolds. Although it’s only a little part of the UK, it can feel like quite a big place to explore in just a couple of days or less. So below is… View Post

After 10 whole years I returned to the magical city of Paris. I have such fond memories of Paris having visited quite a lot when I was younger but it never seemed to appeal to me in recent years. I have no idea why as I had an absolutely fab time. And it was the first time I had taken the Eurostar which I was really impressed with. So much quicker and easier than flying. So what makes it so special..? What’s there to do, see or visit in 3 days in this beautiful city..? Read on to see my… View Post