Blacklock Restaurant Review

Blacklock Restaurant Review

If you hadn’t of already guessed, one of my favourite things is eating out and discovering new restaurants.

When I heard about Blacklock soho it didn’t blow me away but I totally underestimated it.

You enter through a door which leads into a small, plain entrance space and the stairs down are straight ahead. As soon as you start going down the stairs a cosy, dimly lit room emerges.

You are greeted by a chirpy host and seated quickly. The waiter was lovely, very attentive and explains the menu fully. I should have already mentioned – all this place serves is chops! Chops, chops and more chops. But they have quite a selection and side dishes to go with.

As there was a few of us we opted for the ‘all in’ option, which basically means you get a selection of all the small chops and sides on offer. When I go for things like this I am sometimes a little skeptical as you never know if you are going to get enough, but we did! Two huge platters were brought out stacked with meat. Then came the sides! All the staff are very attentive and clearly knowledgeable, when everything is served they take you through what each chop is and all of the sides. Then you’re free to dig in!

It’s safe to say there was nothing left on our plates, everything was delicious.

Good meat, cooked well and accompanied by great sides. What more could you ask for?

Well, after our main we were finishing drinks before getting the bill. But, our waiter had different ideas. He checked all was well with our mains and then brought 4 bowls and a dish of something over with him. He offered us complimentary cheesecake. Who would say no! It was served straight from the dish it was made in which gave it a humble, homely feel. It was my favourite cheesecake – white chocolate cheesecake! Hands down this topped off my experience at Blacklock.

If you like meat and great service, this place is definitely for you. I have to say the staff really made it a great experience.


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