Cowshed treatment bliss

Cowshed treatment bliss

I haven’t been too well lately and I’d had a massage booked in for a while so it came at the perfect time. There is nothing better than a little bit of me time. I hadn’t actually ever had a Cowshed treatment until now, but I had used some of their products.

Arriving at the spa itself was lovely, situated in the peaceful streets of Notting Hill, I was already feeling relaxed. As soon as you arrive at the spa you are greeted by a calm and friendly receptionist who puts you at ease straight away.

After a refreshing glass of mint water I was then introduced to my therapist who took me down to the treatment room. From the minute you step into the spa you feel relaxed but now I was in the candle lit room I was in my own little haven in the middle of the city.

cowshed room

The therapist was very considerate and wanted to know exactly what I wanted from the treatment. She gave me the option to have a full body massage or if I wanted a specific area being focused on. I naturally went for a full body massage. As soon as I could smell the gorgeous body oil I was in heaven. 60 minutes of bliss. I wish it could have gone on forever but the treatment was perfect and unfortunately my time was up.

post massage tea

Post treatment I enjoyed complimentary fresh mint tea and I may have been naughty and got a brownie also! I couldn’t resist. I felt so at ease and relaxed in the spa I didn’t want to leave. The staff were amazing and really look after you while you are there. No rushing or hassling at all.

I couldn’t recommend this place highly enough, I left feeling like I was floating along the streets. If you need a bit of me time, book yourself in for a moody cow massage and you’ll feel uplifted in no time.


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