Health crazes that I’m addicted to…

Health crazes that I’m addicted to…

I am not the most health conscious person you will speak to, nor am I particularly unhealthy. I like to think I live quite a balanced life and believe everything in moderation is ok. Having said that, I am slightly addicted to some of the health crazes at the moment and here they are…

Coconut oil – well this delicious oil is just about good for everything! I’ve started adding coconut oil in yoghurt for breakfast, replacing my olive oil, even adding it to my tea. The thing I love about coconut oil is that it has so many uses. I also apply to my hair when it needs a bit of TLC. It has such good moisturising benefits.


Chia seeds – my favourite little tiny seeds! If I don’t get my yoghurt and chia seeds in the morning I get very upset. I am also slightly addicted to overnight chia pudding at the moment. When I first made it Tom opened the fridge and said ‘what on earth is that!’ in a roundabout way but, after he tried it he understood! My favourite combo is chia seeds soaked in coconut and almond milk, topped with raspberries and passion fruit. It’s delicious. When I have this instead of toast for brekkie I feel a considerable difference in my energy levels and I don’t get hungry until about 1-2pm! I love these little seeds. I’ve also recently tried Nutriseed chia cocoa, a delicious blend of seeds and cocoa powder basically, what it says on the bag! I soak them overnight as usual in coconut or almond milk and top with fruit and almond flakes. It has the same consistency but with a hint of chocolate, which is never a bad thing.

Next up is avocado – my new obsession! When I look at places to go for breakfast or brunch if they don’t have some sort of dish with avocado in, I don’t go. Well, a slight exaggeration but if it’s on the menu it definitely sways my decision.

Bee pollen – something I’ve been meaning to get my hands on for ages. I got some sent to me by the nice people at Nutriseed and was pleasantly surprised by the product. I didn’t really know what to expect from bee pollen. I have been adding it to my breakfast, on top of my yoghurt or chia pudding and it has a very light, pleasant flavour.

What are your health obsessions? I would love to learn of any new healthy foods to try.


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  1. 05/07/2016 / 4:57 pm

    I love china seeds! i have them at least once a day on my cereal/porridge or mixed into yoghurt 🙂

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