Honest Burgers Brunch

Honest Burgers Brunch

Last weekend Tom and I had no plans, which is rather a rare occurrence for us. We took full advantage of this and decided to enjoy a leisurely brunch. It was a nice sunny Sunday so we popped over to Clapham Common for a nice stroll, followed by something to eat of course.

I had been hearing good things about Honest Burgers new brunch menu so I was excited to check it out. Situated on Venn Street opposite the Clapham Picturehouse, there are a few tables outside so you can eat alfresco and actually take advantage of the sun when it decides to come out.

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The first thing that jumped out at me on the menu wasn’t food, it was the Red Juice. A blend of raspberries, mango and peach. It was delicious and one of the best smoothies I’ve ever had.

There was, of course, some really good food too. I went for the mushrooms on toast with a side of guac, because no brunch is complete without guac! Tom went for something a little more substantial – the brunch burger – I was slightly jealous of this as I love the rosemary salted fries that come with it. Tom may have been nice and let me have a few though!

All the food was delicious and they serve decent portions too. The staff were lovely and chatty. Overall, if you want a good place for brunch and not have to queue up for hours to get it, then this is your place.


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