So after several lovely and flattering comments about my photos I have decided to write a post with some tips and tricks on how I achieve them. The equipment you use is important and it’s good to have a quality camera, I highly recommend you get the best CSC camera* for you and your needs. But there are also several other factors that are important to achieving good pictures and here are just some of them… Get Inspiration  There is endless inspiration out there nowadays. You just have to look on Instagram or Pinterest and you get lost in a… View Post

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to Jamie’s Italian to try the new Quick and Easy dinner menu which has launched to celebrate Jamie Oliver’s latest book – 5 ingredients. How could I pass up on an opportunity such as this – firstly, I love Jamie Oliver and secondly, I love love love Italian food. I don’t think the last part of that sentence will surprise anyone! Sadly Jamie was not there himself but nonetheless I was greeted warmly by the staff at the Greenwich restaurant. The Quick and Easy dinner menu runs Sunday to Thursday from… View Post

If there’s one thing I look forward to in the morning, it’s my coffee. I don’t really function properly until I’ve had my caffeine fix. Cliché like I know but I really don’t. When I heard you can get fresh, actual fresh cold brewed coffee bottled up and delivered to your door I thought I was hearing things! But, luckily I was not and I couldn’t jump at the chance to try this any quicker. So Bottleshot Brew bottles up 7 days’ worth (7 morning coffees) of freshly brewed coffee and delivers it straight to your door. Yup, that’s right,… View Post

So it’s been a year since mine and Tom’s road trip in California. One whole year! I can’t believe it. Although I wrote a series of blog posts about each individual place, I found it hard to write a summary post as there was just so much to talk about. I’ve started this post numerous times. In fact I have about 8 versions in my drafts! The point is, this trip was amazing and there was just so much I could write, I didn’t know where to start. I still very regularly daydream about all the places we visited. A… View Post

A question that has been floating around the office and in conversations for the last week or so now. Officially it isn’t quite autumn yet but it sure feels like it already. The temperatures dropped and nights are drawing in. I love autumn but why are we all so obsessed with it? It may have something to do with the crisp autumnal days and the candle lit nights cosying up inside. There is so much to love about autumn but here’s my highlights. The food The dark rainy nights are the perfect excuse to stay in and cook cosy dinners… View Post