Prague – The Fairytale City

Prague – The Fairytale City

I really enjoyed planning our trip to Prague, from researching where to stay to ensuring we knew all the good pubs to go to.

We stayed in Old Town in a beautiful modern Airbnb and as usual our host was lovely. The building itself was beautiful, very traditional architecture. The first thing I loved about this city was the buildings and, of course the bridges. I cannot say in words how fairytale like this city is.

The reason I have called it a fairytale city is because of the architecture, everywhere you look you can see beautiful tall buildings and amazing rooftops. It has such a lovely atmosphere, everyone pottering about and appreciating their surroundings. Coffee shops overspilling onto the cobble streets. It is really just something out of a fairytale, everywhere you look.

We arrived on Friday evening and after checking in we were both keen to explore our local area. We didn’t end up going too far as Tom spotted a pub he like the look of down the same street as our apartment, Vkolkovne was a traditional Czech pub which served very good Pilsner. It had a lively yet relaxing atmosphere and we ended up staying there all evening. After a few too many beers, we strolled back to our apartment and went to bed. As soon as our heads hit our pillows we were gone.

Saturday morning we woke up feeling refreshed and ready to explore the city. We set off in the direction on Old Town Square across to Charles Bridge first thing as we had heard it could get busy later in the day. Stopping off at Patisserie Jolie for breakfast before reaching the bridge. Charles Bridge was beautiful, Tom and I stopped around the half way mark and just absorbed the amazing views. Watching all of the buskers was also rather fascinating. From there we really just carried on walking, there is nothing better than discovering a city by foot. We pottered around the Senate Gardens for ages, it was like a little oasis in the middle of the busy city.

Charles bridge

From there we climbed quite a steep hill until we reached Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral. You definitely have to do this as it has the most amazing views of the whole city when you reach the top. As Tom was gazing far into the distance, I of course was looking at our closer surroundings, directly below us I could see this busy little rooftop restaurant with lots of white sun umbrella’s (did I mention it was unusually warm when we were there), as it was around lunch time it was immediately my mission to find the entrance to this restaurant. Meandering down the steep cobble streets we eventually stumbled across the restaurant entrance, I was extremely excited by this. If you happen to be up by the castle on a good day I highly recommend having some food at Valoria Castle and Garden Roof Terrace. Two years on and I just remember being in absolute bliss on this rooftop, hours of lounging in the sun with yummy food and refreshing wine. They served a particularly good Mushroom Risotto topped with rocket and a parmesan crisp – it looks like this is still on the menu so definitely try this!



Prague rooftop

After a day full of exploring and lots of walking we decided to stay close by to our apartment for the evening, luckily we were in a pretty good area full of bars and pubs. We went to Tom’s new found favourite pub – Vkolkovne first for a few drinks followed by something a little more my style – Tretters New York Cocktail Bar. This is where Tom first found Old Fashioned cocktails and has never looked back.

Prague Tretters Bar

Tretters Bar

Saturday was a late one but we still wanted to make the most of our trip, so we got ourselves out of bed and down to a local cafe I had spotted the day before. Bakeshop was definitely a good find, it was a busy coffee shop and bakery but well worth the queuing. After a strong fresh coffee and a delicious pastry we were ready to set off for another day. We walked to Charles Bridge again, you will find it is a gateway for many things, and walked to John Lennon’s wall. From there we wanted to explore down south of the city. We ventured down to the next bridge and across to Wenceslas Square and stopped for an obligatory beer in the middle.


From there we made our way back up to Old Town and searched for a pub Tom has researched and been itching to go to. We finally came across U Zlateho Tygra which translated to Golden Tiger, be warned it is not very obvious and you could quite easily walk by if you weren’t paying attention. The front of the building consists of two big windows which are covered with shutters and a small sign on the front of the building. The main entrance is down a small alleyway at the side of the building, at first I was a little suspicious of exactly what this place was. Rest assured as soon as you open the door you enter a very traditional, vibrant beer hall which is made up of huge long tables and benches. As soon as you find a seat you are greeted by a barman with two pints in his hand, little said he plonks the pints down and gives you a piece of paper with two pencil strikes on it. You can only assume this is your bill/tally of beers as this is the only thing that makes sense. Although I am not the worlds biggest beer lover, I would highly recommend visiting as it was such a weird but great experience. And to confirm, the bill was the small bit of paper with the tally of beers on.


Sunday evening we didn’t have any plans really, we walked about and decided to visit Charles Bridge at night time. It looks beautiful when its lit up by the lanterns. We then had an early night as we were traveling home in the morning. Our trip would not have been complete without visiting the Bakeshop again for breakfast before making our way to the airport.



  1. 11/03/2016 / 10:01 pm

    Oh wow, from the pictures Prague looks like a gorgeous place! I’ve never been there before… in fact I hadn’t even heard of it until I read this post!
    Aleeha xXx

    • Holly
      13/03/2016 / 6:58 pm

      The pictures don’t even do it justice, you should definitely go if you get the chance xx

  2. 19/10/2017 / 6:17 pm

    I’m never tired or bored of this beautiful city. Thanks for reminding me of that!

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