Sights to see in Amsterdam

Sights to see in Amsterdam

Naturally when I book a city break I research so I can put a little tick list together of all the sights we must see. I didn’t know the weather in Amsterdam could be so temperamental until I was speaking to a friend who had recently been, we soon discovered the weather was just about as reliable as in the UK! So over our 5 day trip I had a varied list of things to do…



I had heard this was Amsterdam’s equivalent to Central Park so it was definitely on my list. We made the most of one of the better days and wondered around Vondelpark for a few hours. There is always something quite nice about green space in the middle of a city.



Moco Museum

There was a Banksy and Andy Warhol exhibition on at the Moco museum while we were in Amsterdam so we took advantage of that. I love Banksy and I had studied Warhol while doing my art and design diploma, so it was amazing to see. Well worth a visit if you’re a fan.

Heineken experience



Heineken Experience

Now, of course you can’t visit Amsterdam without going to the Heineken experience. It was actually really interesting to see a little history behind the brand. It was amazing to see the bottles and media change through the years also. Little spoiler – it wasn’t always in the little green bottle we all know and recognise today. This was a great activity to do while it was raining outside.

Amsterdam cheese


Dutch Cheese Shop

If you wonder into the centre of Amsterdam you wont find this one hard to do, there is a cheese shop on every street. As a cheese lover I found myself wondering from one cheese shop to the next. I had great fun trying all of the different flavour cheeses.


Rijks museum

Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum

Now these two are both a must if you like to see a little culture on a city break. Rijksmuseum is a Dutch national museum dedicated to arts and history in Amsterdam. It gives you a great insight into the history behind the city you are in. I don’t have any pictures of the Van Gogh museum because you aren’t allowed and they are quite strict about this. Everyone knows a little about Van Gogh but the museum was amazing as you get the learn about where he got his inspiration from, see his work through the ages and learn more about his personal life. The one thing I would recommend is booking tickets online for both museums, that way you avoid the massive queues – especially outside the Van Gogh museum.


Local Microbrewery

This isn’t really a sight but Tom liked it none the less. Dutch beer is mainly pale lager, so for an ale fan it’s not that great. I was so happy when I read about Brouwerij Troost on Hand Luggage Only and I knew I had to take Tom there. It brews all of its beer on site. It was a great place to chill out and rest for a few hours, while you watch the rain outside.

I hope this gives you a few ideas of what to do if you ever visit Amsterdam, you can also check out my foodies guide to Amsterdam here. If anyone has visited recently and has any recommendations please do let us know.


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