Staying the night in Death Valley

Staying the night in Death Valley

Most people decide to drive straight through Death Valley considering it is a vast, empty desert valley, but we wanted to make the most of our time in the desert and see a different side to California.

There are a handful of hotels/motels to choose from if you are looking to stay the night in Death Valley as most of it is uninhabited. We chose Furnace Creek Ranch as it was relatively in the middle of the valley and it kind of looked like something out of a western so I wanted to go there!

If you are a lover of landscapes then you will be in your element here. Straight roads with wide empty space as far as the eye can see, vista points and amazing sunrises/sunsets. We only had 24 hours to experience Death Valley and that is all I’d recommend anyone needs.

As we were driving up from Vegas and the Grand Canyon we got to the Death Valley park around 5pm with little time to spare. First on our list was seeing the sunset at Dantes View and we literally had a race against time on our hands. So I got my lead boots on and made up some time, it was so worth it! The views were amazing and the images cannot even capture how beautiful the skies colours were.

Once we had watched the beautiful sunset it was time to check in and grab some dinner. In true ranch style there was a Saloon so we had to get dinner there. Pizza, pizza and more pizza were our choices oh, and beer – Sierra Nevada but I was happy with that, how wrong can you go with pizza and beer?!

After an early night it was time to go see sunrise at Zabriskie point, which again was beautiful. Cold before the sun came up but it was amazing how quickly that changed when it did.

Once we had finished soaking in the beautiful view we hit the road again toward Yosemite National Park which you can read about here.


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