When it all gets a bit too much…

When it all gets a bit too much…

Have a cup of tea. This week’s been a little crazy and some BIG things have happened. Never underestimate what 5 minutes with a cup of tea can do for you. Speaking as someone who probably takes too many tea breaks, I am a huge advocate of taking 5 and clearing your head. I’m not saying that this will solve all issues but, it certainly helps me see things a little clearer.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock or too busy to look at your social media for the last couple of days, you may not know that the EU referendum resulted in the UK voting to leave the EU. After the rather spectacular storm on Wednesday night, I had one of the most agonising commutes to and from work on voting day. I only just made it back in time to cast my vote! With a long and eventful day over, I couldn’t wait to sit down for a few minutes and unwind.

6:30am on Friday morning was a little surreal, naturally the first thing I do is look at my phone in the morning. I was a little shocked to see a BBC news notification that majority of the UK population had voted to leave the EU. I know everyone has their own opinions and everyone has the right to vote but, for me, this news causes uncertainty and worry.

I am a career girl in London and a new homeowner, so the effect on the economy is an unsettling one. There has been a lot of tea breaks this week, sitting wondering what’s next? Do we know what we’ve done? Well, the answer is no. No one knows the future but I hope the people in power now listen to the whole population and don’t make any rash decisions.

Whether you voted in or out, for now, all we can do is wait and educate ourselves. Make the right decisions for each of our own circumstances and take 5 with a cup of tea to get our heads straight.




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